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How can I categorize my Brex transactions on my QuickBooks Online account?

That depends! You may be using the QBO bank feed integration, the QBO Categorize & Match Receipts integration, or both. Please see the relevant section below for where you can find your Brex transactions.

Option 1 - You are using just the QBO Bank Feed

You will be able to manually categorize transactions as they come in to the banking feed. Once categorized, QBO will remember the categorization for the same type of transaction moving forward (e.g. Lyft transactions will be categorized as ground transportation). You can also automate the categorization of Brex transactions by creating rules in your QBO account. Learn more here

If you wish to manually re-categorize your transactions, you can do so at any time on QBO. 

Option 2 - You are using just QBO Categorize & Match Receipts

This option has the added benefit of allowing cardholders to review and code transactions without them needing access to QBO. Please read How do I set up the QuickBooks Online Categorize & Match Receipts integration on Brex?

Option 3 - You are using both the QBO Bank Feed and QBO Categorize & Match Receipts

The mappings, as well as receipts and memos, from the Categorize & Match Receipts integration will be matched to the bank feed records automatically when you export them as long as your books have not been closed on QBO. 

You will then have the option to confirm if these matches are accurate by clicking on “match” on the right-hand side of each transaction on the banking feed. You should not see any duplicates.

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