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How do I send an international wire to my Brex Cash account?

Below are the wire instructions for sending an international wire to your Brex Cash account.

Intermediary Bank:
ABA: 031301752
Intermediary Bank Name: Atlantic Community Bankers Bank
Intermediary Bank Address: 1400 Market St, #200, Camp Hill, PA, 17011

Beneficiary / Receiving Bank:
ABA: 211075086
Beneficiary Bank Name: Radius Bank/Brex
Beneficiary Bank Account Number: 220612
Beneficiary Bank Address: 1 Harbor St., Suite 201, Boston, MA, 02210

Beneficiary Name: Your company name
Beneficiary Account Number: Your Brex Cash account number
Beneficiary Address: Your company’s address

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to and we can provide assistance from there.

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