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How do I book travel?

All Brex users are able to book travel through our partner TravelBank by following the steps below:

Step 1: Expand the Rewards tab of the left-hand menu bar of the Brex dashboard, and then click on Travel portal

Step 2: Input your desired travel details

Step 3: Select your flight/hotel of choice

Important note: Star ratings make it easy to compare flights across multiple fare classes, including basic economy. See exactly what you're getting like how far your seat will recline, and whether the wifi is fast enough to stream Netflix. Click the stars to find out more about each rating.

Step 4: Input your personal travel and billing information

Please note that your Brex virtual card will be added as a payment method automatically, and you will only need to fill in your billing information once. Brex Admins will be able to pay for travel/hotels with their Brex points.

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