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How do I create, edit, and delete departments?

Brex Admins can create, edit, and delete departments by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the Team tab of the left-hand menu bar of the Brex dashboard, and click on Departments

Step 2: To add a department, click on Add Department on the top right-hand side

Step 3: Here, you can assign a name and description to the department

Step 4: Your new department will now be available to assign to cardholders within your Brex account

To assign departments to users, navigate to the Users and cards tab, click on the user account you would like to assign, and select the corresponding department from the Department dropdown. When inviting new users, you will be able to assign them to the appropriate department during the account creation.

Moving forward, transactions made by that cardholder will have a department assigned.

Step 5: You are also able to delete or modify your department at any time

Important note: The removal of a department is only available when no cardholders are assigned to that department.

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