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How do I know which flight to book on TravelBank?

Brex partners with TravelBank to provide customers with great deals on flights. You will find information below on the different types of bookings that are possible.

Flight Pricing:

Very dynamic due to sophisticated revenue management softwares used by airlines - it is constantly adjusted based on:
  • Fare class
  • Demand
  • Time to flight
  • Availability
On any given flight, even people sitting in the same row are likely to have paid very different prices - this is due to the different class fare prices.

Final pricing is never guaranteed until a ticket is issued.

Flight Economy Classes:

Basic Economy:
  • The cheapest and most restrictive fare you can book with an airline
  • Still seated in the economy class cabin
  • Limited flexibility, no carry-on, no elite status accumulation
  • Mainstream airlines rolled out basic economy fares to compete with LLCs but do not actually want to sell this
  • Seat selection at the time of booking, if available
  • Enjoy other options for customizing your travel
Economy (flexible):
  • Refundable fare, but cancellation and change fees may apply
  • Seat selection at the time of booking, if available
  • Enjoy other options for customizing your travel

Flight Voids and Cancellations:

The ticketing process consists of a 2-step process:
  • Holding a spot/seat on the flight
  • Ticketing: actual ticket on the itinerary
For US-flights only, airlines must give users at least 24 hours from the time of ticketing to cancel a ticket and get a full refund (no penalties) - within 24 hours, tickets can be voided and the seat can be cancelled.

After 24 hours, the seat can be cancelled, but the ticket will still retain some value - the amount of the value left on the ticket (called the residual value) depends on the cost of the ticket exchange fee.

Flight Ticket Exchanges:

Fees for ticket exchanges are very complex (depends on fare rules) and vary for each airline and fare class:
  • Generally, domestic airlines usually charge a $150-$200 ticket exchange fee for making changes to a non-refundable airfare after 24 hours
  • For international flights, the ticket exchange fee can be up to $400
  • Southwest Airline does not charge a change fee for tickets, which makes it a popular choice among scrappy companies
  • The actual cost of a ticket exchange is impossible to predict in advance and is based on two things:
    • The ticket exchange fee (which is a fixed fee, written in the fare rules at the time of original ticket purchase)
    • The cost of mark up between the old ticket vs the new ticket (which is constantly changing)

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