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I received an error message when inviting a new user.

If you're unable to add a user, you will see this error message:

If you're seeing the error message above, it means this email is already associated with a different Brex account. You can resolve this by choosing one of the following options.

Option 1 - Use an email alias to invite this user

If your Bookkeeper manages multiple accounts on Brex and already has an account, your Bookkeeper will need to use an email alias. If they use Gmail or Outlook, you're able to send a second invite to the same email address by adding a plus sign (+) and an additional character(s) after the plus sign but before the domain name:

Using the example above, will be treated as a new user at Brex, but all the emails that are sent to will be received at the original email addresses inbox ( This way, the Bookkeeper will be able to have multiple Brex user accounts with the same email address, by using different aliases.

Option 2 - Request to remove the existing email address

Contact to have the desired email removed from the account it is currently associated with.

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